Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas was Good to Me

Despite yesterday's somber and reverent beginning, which I will add a bit onto later, Christmas was good to me. I worked all day yesterday and it didn't feel like Christmas much at all but this morning it feels more like the season than it has all year. I turned off my phone when I got home last night and have no intention whatsoever of turning it on today. I'm enjoying the holiday season. I woke up warm and rested and wandered around a bit making sure the time was right to open presents. was. So I sat down with the few presents I had and let out a long, contented, happy sigh. I got a pic frame and some paints from my sister, Kira. (I have no artistic ability but I do love the attempt-painting is probably my favorite artsy wannabe thing to do.) I don't want to give you list of all the things I got so let's just skip to the best.

(Even though I hadn't opened it yet I knew what one of my favorite gifts was going to be.) Several weeks ago at a casual dinner with friends we played the "what do you want for Christmas" game. Well, someone remembered...and added something to it to make it better.

So I'm at work and this highly annoying girl is showing off her jewelry from her boyfriend (poor guy). She's gawking about how sweet and "from the heart" it was (cause it was heart shaped, which cleary shows that it took more thought and was as "from the heart" as she pathetically believed than say...a diamond or tear drop shaped...or any other shape jewelry comes in--).

I just sit there with a smile my face. I know what I'm getting from a boy and it's not jewelry. It's much bigger, heavier, something I want/need, something I will use, something wonderful, something me, and something I said I wanted....'s a tool set!

My dad is probably already giving this guy props, but my mom is probably thinking this one move gives him a better shot. My friends are rolling their eyes and laughing, "yep, that's something she would want." Melodi is saying, "I want one!"

Everyone I've told though actually thinks it's a great gift and it is. Thanks Ben. But it gets better...

...not only did he get me a tool set...he got me a tool belt too.

Yep. And I love it. I laughed out loud when I opened it. Ooooh, and it's pretty. My kind of pretty. Suede. And we all know how much I like to wear leather. Anyone remember Senior Prom?

Oh and Houston is the most of obese city. San Antonio and Houston tend to switch places for first and second yearly.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Minutes after I got to work today one of our patients passed away; exactly five minutes after I got to work. This patient taught me everything I know about the Jonas Brothers, which is that Nick is the cute one. You don't really need to know anything else. This is the first time that a patient I knew really well has passed and it happened first thing this Christmas morning. Shortly after the reports were filed I helped deliver Santa bags to the rest of the patients.