Friday, December 3, 2010


Danang is worse than Buon Ma Thout, which really wasn't bad, just difficult to navigate with all the jeering and solo tours being so high priced. I can see why they would be higher and all the distance trekking, travel, etc but they still seemed exorbitant to me.
Either way, here I am in Danang.
I got here shortly after 5pm and went right to sleep, waking up to the ever present needless noise at 9am. Must have completely crashed from the barely sleeping I do.
I am very excited to head toward the laid back reputation of Laos. I think after all the constant in your face touts from these two cities (and really all of Vietnam) I'm ready for some peace and even more so QUIET!
I'll do one full day here in Danang and probably one more in the city of Hue, then head to the Laos border from there-published as the easiest land border to cross into/from Vietnam.

Oh, just to throw this little tip out there. If you want to meet other travelers it's best to go out at night, like after 9pm. I'm usually winding down about that time. :)

(After visiting here and writing this I heard many people, locals and travelers alike say, "yeah, that's the last Vietnamese city and they hate everyone, even other Vietnamese, who aren't from their city.")

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