Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beautiful Words for when things just suck

I once stood

I once stood at the top of the world. I once rose to the pinnacle of my life, and then in a heartbeat, a whisper of a moment, I slipped. I fell. I fell to the earthy depths below and it was gone. I have seen the pits of hell, and tasted the ash, and I refuse to allow myself to remain there. Now, I claw my way back to the top. I will climb again, for nothing can prevent me from regaining my perch as the master of my life. I will take the helm of my fate and steer my existence through the squall that my life has become until the waters again become calm and I can look into the vast blue horizon and see my future in the distance.

~Adam Ramirez

Sometimes life kicks you in the teeth, and then repeatedly, and then you get up with a big grin and show off your bruises. Thanks for putting it much more beautifully than I do, Adam.

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RCRBoricua said...

Nothing can ever beat you unless you allow it to. You can never truly lose until you stop trying. The world may kick you in the teeth, and life may bring you to you knees, but bruises fade over time, and cuts turn to scars. They are reminders of where we have come from, what we have been through, and what we have overcome. Simple statements in our lives that scream "BRING IT ON, YOU CAN'T STOP ME, AND YOU CANT MAKE ME QUIT. I WILL TAKE WHAT YOU HAVE TO THROW AT ME, AND I WILL WALK THROUGH IT WITH MY HEAD HIGH AND MY SOUL INTACT."