Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Dad's Secret Identity

I think one of the of the hardest things I have with guys is that they can’t do everything. I think about this a lot when I think about dating and if a guy will ever ultimately make the cut. You see, the problem is, my dad could do anything. I automatically assume that a guy can fix everything, understand everything, and rapidly acquire any skill I deem necessary or desirable at any given time. After all, my dad could, and did. He was a man who could do and learn anything. I don’t know how he knew or when he ever took the time to learn. It’s like he never had to learn, but just instinctively knew how to build, repair, and create anything he had the whim to do. My dad was superman. And I don’t quite understand why no one else is.

I remember hearing about how my dad built his own lumber mill. How he knew how to do that, I have no idea. From my own memory: He didn’t want to leave southern Oregon when the lumber mill he worked at was shut down, and he was tired of driving so far to the grocery store-so he built his own. Got tired of slow internet? Built his own. Have seven kids with transportation needs? He repeatedly rebuilt a countless number of Geo Metros. Built homes. All of these things require different skill sets, different parts of the brain, God-given talents, and so much time just in the learning, let alone in hands on experience needed to do the kind of work he did.. What would take six men in each category and hours of planning and experimenting my dad just did. So how could he do all of them without seeming to stop and think about it even for a moment? Easy. My dad is Superman.

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Jalula said...

Sounds like my dad...(: