Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Year

Today it's been one year. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Initially I thought about going to Belize and snorkeling-something my dad kept saying he wanted to do. Or even Hawaii as that's where he said he wanted to go when I offered to take him on a trip after taking my mom to Greece. However, I'm sure now that I'm going to Ecuador for an extended period of time he'd rather I just save my money for that. I know he would. And so here I am, saving money instead. I wanted to head up to the Redwoods and do some hiking but again, with gas prices skyrocketing these past few weeks it would be more than just an inexpensive quick trip. I'd really like to see my friends up there, and you could always add that I could go on the exact same hike I went on the day my dad passed. It's mid-morning and I'm ready for anything, including breakfast. I think my tradition will be Dad's breakfast on March 3rd every year, you know for the rest of my life, especially once I have kids and a family. But for now, I can be a bit more extravagant in my memoirs. Hmm, how to be extravagant in my honoring/remembering of Dad?

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ai said...

screw it. I lasted about two hours, headed to Santa Barbara, got stuck in at the 5 Fwy interchange so hopped on the 5 North and headed toward Yuba City (where my Dad was born), but ended up in Santa Rosa. Turned out to be the perfect place to be.