Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 2 Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

It’s amazing how good I feel here.  How different I am.  How much  At least I hope this is the real me.  I’m much more calm, confident, kind, humble.  I know this is all starting to sound very yogi of me, which believe me after taking a beginner’s yoga class today it again proves that I’m not.  But I am much more myself. 

I got up and went for a run this morning.  I credit the jet lag for allowing me to be up early enough to go before the sun got too warm.  Aside from being confronted with still being out of shape (although, I’m getting there), it was a great run.  Gusti, the owner of the guest house showed me a few runs to try out that would be quieter and with much less traffic.  It was perfect. 

I guess now that I think about it was a mind, body, spirt, kind of day, which I guess are the main components of a human and where all this need for nourishment and  “balance” among them comes from. 

After my run I came home to Pratama House (I lucked out here with it being kind of tucked out of the way from the hustle and bustle in a quiet little neighborhood really just 5 minutes from the business but worlds apart), I came home and read about Christ teaching the Samaritan women about the well the difference between needing water (body) that you need to drink but will always need again and the living water (spirit) that comes from Jesus Christ and his teachings.  These teachings, when applied, transcend the physical need for thirst and are everlasting.  After that I did a lot of homework (mind)-very uninteresting stuff at the moment.  I’m actually a little concerned, okay a lot,  about one of the professors being able to understand how places outside of the USA function and how the things I teach here might need to be addressed differently than if I were to teach people working in the US system about healthcare.

After a grueling morning of homework, I rented a scooter and became all too comfortable weaving in and out of traffic.  I went to a yoga class at a way too trendy and overpriced studio.  However, the class itself was good and the best part was that as you face the front of the studio, it looks out over a small stream and lush, wild greenery.  The whole front of the studio is glass with floor to ceiling windows that open.  The minute class started the sky tore open and a huge storm broke loose.  The rain was so loud we could barely hear the instructor speaking.  It went on the whole time. It was suuuuuuper cool. 

I drove around for hours and finally was able to recognize my street.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was recognizing my turn off or just other streets I’d been lost on before.  Either way I was happy on my little scooter and felt pretty cool, although I likely didn’t go about 25 mph all day :).

I’m hoping to drive the hour or so to Kuta, the island town where the LDS church branch is located for services tomorrow.  I’ll have to ask Gusti what he thinks of the drive as some of the areas he says police wait for, I forget the word for white people-but for white people-and pull them over forcing ridiculous bribes from them.  I may have to find an alternate way of getting there if it isn’t too expensive.  I would love the ride though, plus then I could check out Kuta to see if want to spend any real time down there.

I have my little room and most excellent porch at Pratama house for the next two weeks, then I have a flight to Malaysia that I had to buy to prove to immigration that I would eventually leave, that I may take, or I may just wait another 2 weeks until I’m required to leave to renew my visa.  I bought that one because it was half the price of the others ($40-ish dollars) and I could change it if necessary when I get here or if I decide to go somewhere else for a while I could do that too.

the evening is coming to close and I’m going to take yet another shower to wash away the sweat of the day and then likely sip some herbal tea on my porch without the usual anxiousness and telling myself to unwind like I’ve had to do lately when back in the US, which only leads to more anxiousness and need for distraction.  It’s taking some time but after only two days here I feel much more okay with just...being, and not having to be entertained or productive.  It’s amazing actually how much more productive and entertained I am when I’m not forcing myself to be.

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