Saturday, January 3, 2009


I love a good contrast. In just about anything. Especially when it's unexpected and balanced. A few examples:

The easy one, PB and J. You know fatty and sugary...however, it's the fatty one that's probably better for you in this case...ooh, intrigue.

Warm blankets on a cold night.

Sweet and Sour anything.

My personal favorite-Chocolate covered pretzels (which I received in the mail today from a dear friend-Thanks Corinne!)

I have however, been introduced to another wonderful contrast. One you've probably all heard of and think is pretty cool. But trust me, if you've never seen it, it way better than you could imagine! The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. If you ever get a chance to see these guys perform do whatever you have to. Best concert you'll ever attend.

blues music with cheerful lyrics

upbeat break up songs

whatever it is give me a complimentary twist and I'm all over it.

One of the reasons these contrasts find such blissful harmony is that each one is constructed of a delicate balance. too much of one and it fails to be complimentary and can come across as not quite right, or just down right werid (Bjork).

What contrasts do you love?


Jalula said...

Chad took me to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra just after was a great show!

Kelsey said...

french fries and ice cream. oh yum.

ai said...

Hot tub in the rain/snow