Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog Borrower/Music Lover

So because I have such cool friends with such cool ideas I'm going to continue to borrow from their blogs to pretend like I'm updating mine. Aside from the last post promising you something new and created by me (borrowed from Kelli's blog), this is another borrowed idea and chance to get something fun in the mail. And so I give to you from the blog of one, Miss Marcey Moreno, (you gotta get to know this girl-says it like it is with sarcasm and charm. Usually an awkward duo but not with Marcey's refreshingly honest finesse), the music exchange!

The Rules as posted by Marcey on Marceyinseattle.blogspot.com:

Step 1: make a CD filled to the brim with all sorts of musical goodness. (be sure to include a song list of some kind, no need to over do it, a simple piece of paper will work just fine but feel free to go all out too.)
Step 2: wait with bated breath by the mailbox for my return package, in it you will find a CD with all sorts of songs I’m listening to at the moment and or songs that remind me of you for whatever reason
Step 3: enjoy It’s fairly simple, I mean a trained monkey with a CD burner could do it folks. If you want to make it really fun we can select a theme, those are fun too.

A little from me:

Anyone who's ever spoken to me or listened to me try to explain myself, in any circumstance, has probably heard song lyrics spew out of my mouth. I LOVE music; completely. Especially blues/old jazz stuff. It articulates (sometimes with lyrics, sometimes with melody, sometimes with well placed silence) things I am unable or unwilling to say on my own. I get wholey lost in it and have had it pointed out to me that I wiggle (my version of dancing) even when I am not consciously aware of music being played. So I apologize, but have no intention of changing, to anyone who has spent any time with me in a car, spent a melancholy evening with me, or been around me and wanted focus and attention when music was playing. And I always look forward to eye-opening, life-changing music.


Marcey Moreno said...

email me your address lady!

ps. I'm so flattered

lovestations said...

you have a amazing work!!