Monday, May 10, 2010

The Golden Streets of Athens

After a very long flight, and still not having the travel intenerary finalized, (travel agent didn't get back to us in time), we arrived in Athens, Greece. Athens, GREECE! GREECE, I'm in Greece! And it is beautiful.
Remembering one of the hotels from the travel iteneray we were supposed to have, we caught a cab and traveled to the Athens Gate Hotel. It's a 4 star hotel 500 meters from everything, including....the Acropolis :). It is definately my aesthetic, too, as the description listed in the elevator says something akin to, "a modern hotel with a minimalist approach". Ah, perfect. It, too, is beautiful.

I spent last night wandering the golden streets of Athens alone while my mom showered and napped. I initially started out just looking for internet at the hotel to try to get ahold of the failed travel agent but a sense of safety and freedom took over and I found myself contentedly and calmly exploring this ancient city.

I feel safe and happy as I wander. The streets reflect the sunset, at least near the Plaka and Acropolis where I'm walking, in such a manner they glow gold, or bronze maybe. People appear as if they are walking on avenues of light. Literally, look like they are walking on light! Children are playing soccer. Happy, (I'm assuming stray) dogs harmlessly work their way in and out of the sparce crowd, and sleep on the steps leading up to the Acroplois, which I just happened upon. Always nice when one's adventures lead them to right where they want to be, isn't it?

The few tourists out walk hand in hand, but it is the Greeks who are openly affectionate towards one another. I notice one couple, working in a shop together, nuzzling and watching the crowd as they take their time closing up. The weather is perfect with that perfect summer breeze the seems to intice the spirit to let go of anything holding it back. Everyone is calm and happy. Everyone, including me.

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Marcey Moreno said...

I'm so glad you are having such a beautiful time. I love that you are finding freedom in the unplanned, it's something hard to find.