Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Don't Mention It. And They Mean It" C.S. Lewis

Not that I'm not a generally happy person, cause I believe that I am. And not that I am by any means unhappy now, but you know those kind of hugs where you are completely on the receiving end? The kind where you can completely collapse inside the arms of someone who, just for a moment, does all the thinking, all the loving, all the giving and your only job is to be entirely vulnerable and exposed and weak because the one other side of the hug, the giver, judges nothing and says nothing. And they don't try to make it better, they just make it safe it be whatever it is that you genuinely are at the heart of things in that weak moment. There is no judging, only understanding and strength you can trust in to let your weary heart and body rest on for that break in time. A hug that is never mentioned once it is over, and ideally forgotten by the giver, but has meant everything to the restored receiver. You know those kinds of hugs? Yeah, I could use one of those.

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Heladitos said... you go - sending my arms and my heart your way....
did you get it?