Saturday, April 14, 2012

There are Great People in this World. Thank You

For those of you who have asked for it, I created a PayPal account for you to donate funds toward my trip to Ecuador to work with the orphanages. I am no going through an official organization or anything but will be working directly with the orphanages. For those of you who want to help the orphanages and are uncomfortable donating directly toward my trip you can always go to and donate through OSSO, which is a fantastic organization.

I'm blown away by how many people have asked if they could help out and even requested the PayPal button. Thank you. I was planning on doing this trip entirely on my own and out my savings, but seeing how much people are excited to help, I'm excited to have the help.

The way one of my favorite songs opens kind of explains it all,

"Well, I got the time you got the money..." (Kiss you where you lay by Chris Trapper).

And I'm thankful to have the help.
So again,
Thank you for being so inspiring people. Y'alls is crazy!


Dave said...

I sent them a little something in your honor. I sent it directly to them - because it simplifies the year end tax deduction (and who doesn't like tax deductions).

ai said...

Thanks Dave!