Saturday, February 28, 2009

Really Bored

Instructions: Google the phrase (including the quotes) "[your first name] needs" and write down the first 10 results... no editing!! :)

Amy needs and this came up and just to make things CLEAR im not going out with any1 called Peter!

Amy needs some helping drinking apparently

Amy needs to either wake up or start getting some extra will-power.

Amy needs help

Amy needs, needs to change some of its friends who surround it ...

Amy Needs A Wash.

amy needs her prince!! Come find me please!!

Amy needs to find a home where she can spend her golden years and be a cherished member of the family. ...

amy Needs A Break

Amy needs another cocktail before facing police.

amy needs to let ben go!!!!
(I know that last one makes 11 but it was just too funny to pass up and it really was #11. Some of you will get it.)

Okay, people. That was pretty funny. Let me know if you do this cause I wanna read yours, too.

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Jalula said...

I did it...kinda funny.