Sunday, August 18, 2013

Apparently I blog on Sundays.

Because the topic of me dating comes up a lot of church-well everywhere really-with being a traveling nurse, I end up having a lot of conversations about it on Sundays, and apparently...I blog on Sundays.

A guy sent me this song once when we were kind of dating, saying he thought it described me and saw me living kind of by this philosophy. Okay, great song. I do identify. A bit. Okay, I can see how it would appear this way on the surface. But the reality is, as Kelli says, when I fall it's going to be hard. And she's right. And no guy will ever feel more special :).

People often tell me, "if you don't slow down, how is anyone ever going to catch you". My response to this is: Why should I have to slow down, why can't a guy just keep up?

That is still my philosophy. I'll never settle, and I won't be settled for. I was once so in love that I broke up with the guy because I knew he didn't love me enough back. Had that love not been so strong and allowed for any kind of selfishness, I'd be married now. But I loved him enough to break my own heart and to let him go. I knew that he could never love me as much as I needed him to, and mostly, I wanted him to be able to feel the way I felt about him toward someone someday. So I let him go, to find someone he could really love. And there was no way I was going to marry someone who would be convinced by those around him that he was settling, which was also the case.

I won't settle. And I won't be settled for. I'll be happy regardless, but I promise you this: If I ever do fall deep in love enough to marry it will be one the greatest and brightest loves you'll ever see...because that's what I'll give, and I'll accept no less in return.

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