Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nothing of importance...

I’ve written a few things lately. None of which are suitable for a general audience. It’s strange the things that come out of yourself sometimes. I’m in Charleston, South Carolina now. It’s lovely. It’s a very chill place. I think I’d really like it here if I was around long enough to form a group of friends. Because it is so chill it seems like a place best enjoyed by making your own fun with people you get along with. And I prefer to do the outdoor active stuff with people, like kayak/paddle board the swamp. Water is always much for fun to play in when you have accomplices.

My youngest sister, Lois, is due to have her third child (gender unknown!) shortly after I finish my contract here. I’m pretty excited about that. I was able to be at the birth of her first child and arrived one hour after the birth of her second child. (It was my last day of a contract in San Diego and when I heard she was in labor I begged to skip town to hop a flight to be there.) I’m hoping I’ll be able to be around for this one too.

After Charleston that’s my only plan as of right now. But with my student loans being paid off I’d also like to go back to school. And conquer the world, and a myriad of other things. I’ll probably keep traveling by default but as of now I’m planning on going to see her baby and maybe take the rest of the year off to enjoy the holidays. I may start collecting again for the orphanages in Ecuador and spend part of my time off down there. Maybe I’ll take a permanent job after that for a couple of years so I can go back to school. Or since, I no longer have student loans I could sell my car and travel until I completely run out of money. Or maybe, I’ll try to see what can be done about my ankle.

I’ve always been afraid of surgery because I think it can be pretty damaging to the body. Now, after having had my tonsils out (the world’s simplest surgery) and no longer being able to open my mouth all the way along with the chronic, sometimes pretty intense jaw pain, I”m more scared than ever to find out for sure if surgery is my only option. *Sigh. I did work with a sports medicine chiropractor for a couple of months in Texas and saw some slight relief. He pointed out though, that if I hadn’t fully recovered or at least able to weight bare appropriately after having put in so much work it's most likely a problem needing surgery. Lame. (HA! Lame. get it. I can’t use my foot. Lame. Shut up, it's funny.)

Of all of my options, taking a permanent job scares me the most. What if I hate where I live. What if I hate my job. What if I have to work more than 7 months out of the year?! Is it worth it to go back to school and maybe even get my ankle fixed? Aye aye aye.

It was funny in church today as a few people mentioned their big, scary move out to Charleston where the only people they knew would be their wives/husbands and how would they ever make it. I forget some people feel that way sometimes. I may be getting too comfortable on my own because it’s becoming very difficult for me to relate to people when they say things like that. Or when they introduce themselves as "new" in the ward, only to find out they've been there a year. I know I look at them blankly searching for something to say but I don’t even really understand the sentence. Maybe that’s bad. I don’t know. All I know is, that I’ve really enjoyed my life. It’s got it’s pros and cons for sure, but I realized that I only ended up working about 7 months last year and all the cool things I was able to do and the great people I’ve been able to meet, I’ve felt very blessed.

The plan was always to go back to school once I paid off my student loans, but’s scary. Not the going back to school, having to stay in one place with zero time off. That’s scary. Not being able to avoid office politics and staff meetings. YIKES. How do you people do it? Is that not the most terrifying thing ever?

And besides, where would I live, if I did stay in one place? I really am liking the south. But the pay here might not be able to support me while going back to school.

This is basically a post just to put something up on my blog. There is nothing particularly interesting happening in my life right now other than the anticipation of Lois and Robert’s new little nugget coming. EEK! I’m so excited.

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