Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Traveling Alone

Many people wonder what's it's like to travel by yourself, or more specifically by myself. Honestly, I haven't been alone much; like at all. I spent the very first night at the hotel airport by myself. Other than that I have either shared a room or was meeting someone early the next morning. So I guess it's more like I've been traveling with strangers than traveling alone. I've run into some pretty cool people too; people I would love to have as friends in my everyday life.

Of course they all happen to be the kind of people who will hop a plane to Asia all by themselves too, so we're already starting off on some pretty solid ground. :)

But to answer the question simply, skip the first verse of this song and you'll have the basics. Plus it's just a really cool song.

In about an hour I will part from my latest travel buddy and be on my own again, and really for the first time this trip...depending on who I meet along the way.

Many more blog entries to come, where you will be introduced to many of said friends. I just don't have time to type them out right now.

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William B Cobb said...

Amy, I enjoy this about you.