Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Friends.

I am apparently still traveling withe the Chinese girl who's name I can't pronouce. i have managed to learn that she is 38 years old, has a 7 year old some and a husband back home. She has been traveling for a month now and will go home in 2 days. We bought bust tickets fro Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital yesterday. I kind of wanted to explore a little more between here and there first. I am a little annoyed with myself for just going along with it because I couldn't explain that to her. Tunrns out we get along just fine and even find commong things to laught about along the way. And, she isnt' stuk by my side so much like I was afraid she might. All is well and it's nice to have a guesthouse discounts with her.

Don't think I'm immune to the if not many, then very faithful prayers sent my way. It's been pretty stellar and things couldn't go much better than they have been.

Yesterday I went to Ankor Wat and Ankor Thom, some serious temple ruins. I was reading that it is over 200 miles of forest and temples/ruins (they are still used today-in fact, we even saw some weddings!).

It really is best to probably spend several days doing it but one was sufficent. My friend was wearing flip flops and it was hot! hot! hot!

Cambodia is much hotter than my first couple of days in Thailand. To be fair, I was a bit further north and only there for a couple of days. Eitehr way, it's hot here. Cambodia, in a word is, sweltering. I'm pretty much a discusting mess all the time. i don't know it's sweat or just condesation from the air but I'm glossy and dripping constantly. The Cambodians (or Khmer, as they are called), are wearing jackets and seem just fine.

As I mentioned before Angkor Wat was pretty phenomenal. I enjoyed getting lost in the temples and climbing all the steep stairs. Some, "climb at your own risk" areas, even felt a bit like rock climbing. (Hence the dreams of not being able to walk and waking up to a tight bum.)

There is no way for me to describe the ruins, you just have to come here. Very Indiana Jones (I recently found out it's where Tume Raider was filmed, now I have to see that movie).So cool

After a bit of down timein the air conditioning, I decided I have to go explore. I walked around town until I came to the central river running through town. I met a man, who's name I didn't catch, but he works for the Cambodian government in the agricultural department. I accepted his invitation to join him in his evening stroll around the lake.

We chatted like old friends. We talked of Cambodia and it's very recent time of peace, of ti's intense poverty and our hopes for its imporvement, both economically and health-wise. he is very inisistant that I could, and should, come to Camboida and be a nurse. He says i could help protect their children as well. The child -trafficking and abuse rate here is scary high. The kind of high that makes me nauseous. Perhaps, if I were a super hero that would be my power. I would save children by drowning their abusers in my vomitous anger.

People like this man really shouldn't encourage me to do such things :). I've nearly walked into several clinics and hospitals--seriously--and asked, "how can I help?" and "how can I get a license to work here?" I don't need people feeding that fire. :)

Early to bed again (approx 8pm), after a tasty diner of Khmer curry and cookies at a charming, floor-sitting joint right across from out guesthouse. My Chinese friend and I laughed and dined.

And on pic just to show one of the few kids I caught on a bike. Often times you'll see younger kids than this standing in front of the driver, holding on to steering wheel. You'll also see up to 5-6 people smashed onto one of these things as well.

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