Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm So Cool

What's the coolest thing about in Southeast Asia?
Long, Blonde, Beautiful hair? Nope
Stunning, Sparkling, Magical, Blue Eyes? Nuh-uh
Pastey White with Freckles? Not at all

Although I have had a few people, mostly young children stare me down. It's funny because I'm the one who feels rude for looking away when people are staring. What's really odd is that they seem to forget that when they are staring directing into my eyes (which is why I feel rude looking away-cause then they can't see them) that I can see them in return, that I in fact can see them looking at me. That in order to not disturb their curiosity, I have to stare at them right back. And yes, I do get some attention for them and although blue eyes are rare in this area, they have been seen before. Nope. The coolest thing about me in Southeast Asia is...... camelbak. Yep. The attention that little bag gets when people watch me pour water into it they can't get enough. They want to examine, and many are bold enough to ask to try it out. It's kind of fun.

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