Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Guys may want to stop reading now and skip this post all together.

So until recently. Let's say about the last 5-6mos I've legally had to be on birth control due to another medication I was taking.

Birth control is wonderful for lots of reasons. It makes your periods light, or in my case, less than half the normal duration of time and with almost no bother otherwise (to avoid the other details). It also takes away the oh so many pleasantries that come with a regular menstruation. Not really too many food cravings, immense appetite, bloating, downer in mood and rationality, maddening insomnia followed by debilitating fatigue, and worst of all -for me- a severe case of BLONDE,(seriously, I'm just stupid for about 2-3days), etc, etc.

(Guys if you're still reading, you really have NO IDEA how little control we have over ourselves during this time. We understand before and after that our actions are ludicrous and out of proportion, but we can't do anything about it. Cut us some slack, huh? We really do try; we just chemically have no control!)

That being said, my lot in life has been a delight compared to many others. But after 5-6 months of being on "the pill" and barely noticing them at all, can I just say one thing:


And mine haven't even ever been that bad. And I know the tells so well that I'm usually able to excuse them for what they are and very rarely have my world crash down on me. But MAN! Ugh, I used to put up with this all the time?!

So what's the good news about PMS-ing in a French-inspired town:

(cheese and spinach crepe)
If this is wrong, I don't want to be right!
Things really do taste better when you have a hypersensitivity to everything, including taste and flavor.
(chocolate truffle cake)

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