Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Phnom Penh cont.

I met a girl outside my hotel who'd just arrived from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC). We ended up having dinner together, getting stuck at a cafe (the FCC, for those of you who might know it), exchanging travel tips (as we were both headed to where the other had just come from).and watched the geckos on the walls.

We agreed to meet the next day to do at least parat of the walking tour of Phnom Penh. But first we grabbed breakfast.

Mareike, my friend from Germany

There reallys wasn't too much to see and all the really interesting stuff was at the other end of the walking tour, which we didn't get to. We did, however, see the hilltop Pagoda.

By hilltip, it's the only raised ground anywhere near Phnom Penh, and barely raised at that.
The rest of the tour, at least the part we got to, involved like the U.S. embassy and other equally lame sites. The few potentially interesting ones we came to were all closed right as we got to them. (Everything shuts down for a couple of hours in the arly afternoon). Good stuff.

We grabbed some recognizable food (terrible pizza at a pseudo-mall food court) and then headed back to our adjacent hotels for down time and showers. We met up again for dinner and said our good-byes. We've been keeping in touch via facebook with more travel tips and updates for eat other.

A few fun misspellings. I gave up taking pics of all of them...

At first I just thought happiness pizza was fact in print. I later learned that "happiness pizza" refers to special herbs they put on it...that's right pot pizza.

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