Monday, November 8, 2010

So Far So Good

I had an uneventful flight over here, surrounded by rare extra space, smooth transitions, brief layovers and cool peopleto chat with, or not. Looking out the window we saw the Aluesian islands of Alaska which is where the word bleak was invented. It looked like a very cold moon with all its grey craters and mountians.

We saw full circle rainbows outside our windows (by we, I mean myslef and occassionally the cool people around me). If you stare at the picture long enough you'll see the rainbow.

Almost exactly thirty hours later (nothing compared to the fifty plus hours my mom and I spent getting home from Greece), I am nestled in my simple, but clean hotel just away from the airport in Bangkok, Thailand. So far, so good.

The people are wonderfully friendly and helpful, although I have a difficult time with the accent. I'm just glad they, and I, speak English. Give me a few days and hopefully I'll get used toit....and then I'll switch countries. :)

I love the moist air and warmth. Of course it's the middle ofthe night, so the 80 degrees is great and not overwhelming.

I'm all freshend up with clean teeth, airborne and benadryl and...
...I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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